Brexit – Ireland is ready and able to assist

The days are counting down to March 2019 when the United Kingdom will see itself exiting the EU and ploughing its own furrow in the world. There is so much newsprint, air time etc being devoted to this subject that I won’t bore you by stating whether it will be a hard or soft Brexit. It will be what it will be and the most important point is that everyone whether in the UK or Ireland is ready for same. There are too many opportunities to be missed for everyone.

Ireland as a country is ready and able to assist all UK companies irrespective of size and industry to get through Brexit and to continue to trade in the EU. There is clear evidence that the level of enquiries from UK organisations, of all shapes, sizes and sectors, has increased over the last six months or so.

There can be a natural fear in establishing overseas operations. So many questions to be asked, problems and challenges to be overcome. Should we just not do anything and we will get through it. Unfortunately, that just isn’t an option. In the case of Ireland let me assure you that because of the historical connection over many centuries doing business is very similar to establishing a business in another part of the UK.

Among many similarities are the following, some of which are very obvious:
• Language
• Legal system
• Employment conditions
• Work ethos
• Bank system
• Health systems.

You might think that establishing an infrastructure in Ireland is a daunting prospect. Let me assure you it is not. Whether you establish from scratch or acquire an existing entity with the right advisers anything is possible, particularly where their philosophy is to “hand-hold” the client.

Why would you go further west when you are looking to primarily trade in Continental Europe? What are the flight connections like to Continental Europe from Dublin? The days are long gone when I had to run between terminals in Heathrow attempting to catch the last flight to Dublin having flown in from some European city. Dublin Airport is the fastest growing major airport in the EU and its connections and frequency is first class.

So for UK companies don’t be afraid of Brexit, embrace it, but do be prepared, explore your options and consider Ireland.